Join us to discuss Why We Do What We Do. With topics like the Jewish roots of Christian worship, Lutheran theology, the Bible in liturgy, and the Creeds; these drop-in classes aim to explore the reasons and history behind our worship. Everyone is welcome for one or many sessions. Also, if you feel you have some expertise to share, or want to do some deep-dive research on any of these or related topics, we would love to have some more facilitators for our class!

Class Starts 9/17/2023.

Fall Schedule

9/17 The Jewish roots of the liturgy and the lectionary
9/24 The Bible in liturgy
10/1 The Jewish roots of the Eucharist
10/8 The Didache and the Apostles' Creed
10/15 The Nicene and Athanasian Creeds
10/22 Lutheran theology; the basics
10/29 Modern Lutheran theology
11/5 Hymns and music
11/12 Church polity, or “what is a synod, anyway?”
11/19 ELCA social statements