Children’s Sunday School



Children begin Sunday School at age three. Presently, we have over forty children involved in Bible lessons, prayer, projects, and songs. This year we are using the Spark* program ages pre-K through grade six. The Spark program uses the same Bible stories and texts as heard in worship – helping children and families make key connections.

In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America there are no age restrictions for First Communion.  Children may begin to receive the Eucharist when their parents/guardians agree to do so.  Oftentimes, parents opt for their children to receive First Communion at 5 or 6 years of age.  At whatever age parents decided their children are ready to receive, Pastor Schlak does offer age appropriate First Communion classes for both parents and children.  These classes typically involve a series of three one-hour gatherings.  First Communion classes are usually offered twice a year, or more frequently if needed.

During the summer we often offer Vacation Bible School which is typically hosted during one week in July. Mornings are filled with songs, activities and learnings based on a theme—like Jesus Loves You! (The theme of 2014’s Weird Animals Program). Information, including the registration process is announced well in advance.



The seventh and eighth graders receive Confirmation instruction with Pastor Schlak. They’re engaged in a two-year study program in which one year is devoted to the study of the scriptures and the alternate year is devoted to the study of basic Lutheran Christian teachings.   They participate on one major field trip, traveling to New York City to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine for participation in their Friday evening Nightwatch program. This is followed the next morning by visiting an important historic national or church related site such as the 911 Memorial Museum.