Change in LCOR Sunday Morning Schedule — Coming in September

As part of our discussions about the CAT results and in response to parishioners’ comments in general, the Worship & Music Committee and the Congregation Council have approved a 3-4 month trial of a change in our Sunday morning schedule.

The CAT results revealed that most people like the 8:30 am start for the first service (there were a few who would like a slightly later start time such as 9, and a couple who requested an 8am start, but the vast majority felt the 8:30 start was ideal).  In contrast, a majority of respondents felt 11am was too late for a worship service. Another consideration for the proposed change is to condense the morning to promote ease in attendance at Christian Education and fellowship time.

Beginning Sunday September 11th, the Sunday morning schedule will be as follows:

8:30 am Contemporary Worship

9:15 am Fellowship

9:30-10:15 am Christian Education (Sunday school, Confirmation Class, Adult Education)

10:30 am Traditional Worship