Baptism is the chief sacrament within the Lutheran church. In this sacrament an eternal bond is formed between God and the baptized. In Holy Baptism, God adopts us as His children, the Holy Spirit is promised to us, and we die and rise with Jesus Christ!

There is no age restriction for Baptism. Parents typically bring their children to be baptized while still infants in order to claim their baptismal birthrights as soon as possible. Baptism, however, can be administered at any age.

Within the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, a child of God becomes not only a member of the Church catholic but also becomes a member of a particular congregation. People who are baptized at the Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer become members, therefore, of this congregation.

Baptism initiates a living relationship with God in which the baptized, either through their sponsors or their own adult confession, pledge to attend worship services of Word and Sacrament on a regular basis.