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Advanced Reservations Required to Attend Services

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LCOR has resumed worship inside the sanctuary on Sunday July 5th. Our Schedule from the week after Labor day until Memorial day weekend is 8:30 am and 11:00 am. Our summer schedule starting Memorial day weekend until Labor Day weekend is 8:30 and 10:00 am.  The restrictions of the current pandemic necessitate certain changes.  When we made the difficult decision to end in-person worship services, we did so out of love and concern for our LCOR family.  Please know that there has been much discussion about this and it is not a decision that was made hastily or without trying to think things through to maximize everyone’s safety, yet allowing us to worship together.  Some may think we are opening too soon, while others may think we should have done so earlier.  We all likely agree that these are unprecedented times and there is no single answer for every organization or individual.   We are basing our decisions on both the Governor’s recommendations and the New England ELCA Bishop’s recommendations.

*Because physical distancing requirements limit attendance to 40-50 people maximum, attendance at worship will be ADVANCE RESERVATION ONLY.   An email will be sent out on Monday each week asking a) how many in your household would like to attend worship the following Sunday and b) which service you would like to attend.   Reservations will close at noon the following Friday, allowing us to look at a seating chart of the sanctuary and be sure we can accommodate everyone’s requests.  You will receive an email back, saying “Thank you” meaning your attendance request has been honored/approved or you will receive email back saying we have reached capacity for the service requested.

*Upon arrival at LCOR on Sunday morning, the usher will have a seating chart with your assigned seat.  (This will vary depending on the total number of people and the number of people in individual parties).  We acknowledge that this is a bit weird, but probably no more weird than many things we’ve all been doing in recent months.  We appreciate everyone’s flexibility.

*We will otherwise follow the guidelines we have all come to know quite well.

  1. Please stay home if you are even mildly sick or believe you may have been exposed to illness. 
  2. Touch-less hand sanitizers are available in the narthex for your use as you enter and as you leave.
  3. Maintain a safe physical distance of 6 feet from others outside your own family as you enter, move around, and leave the sanctuary.
  4. Please wear a mask/face covering inside the building.
  5. High touch surfaces such as door handles, bathroom knobs, etc. will be disinfected between services.

*As indoor, group singing is a known high-risk behavior in terms of virus spread, there will be minimal to no group singing.

*Holy Communion will occur with the utmost attention to safety and our theology with as minimal touching/contact as possible by Pastor Eric.

*Virtual worship via our YouTube channel will continue.  If you are in a high-risk health category and would be safer staying at home, we hope you’ll continue to make use of this option.

LCOR Congregation Council