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Adult Bible Study

adult-sunday-school-foxboroThe Adult bible study is led by The Rev. Michael Fruth, Ph. D. Pastor Fruth, retired from full time ministry, provides thought provoking sessions on various books of the Bible, current event topics (Ebola crisis in Africa), and historical figures (Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Kicking off the 2016-2017 program year, the Adult class will begin a study of the relationships between the first Christians and the various expressions of Judaism in the early first century. In what is commonly called “Partings”, attention will be given to early Christianity as a movement within Judaism and their subsequent separations.

Over the past two years the class enjoyed a multi-media presentation of J.F. Handel’s ‘Messiah‘, with commentary on the Bible passages used, and art depicting various themes.

Previously, the class viewed the movie “Les Miserables”, with Pastor Fruth offering commentary on the religious themes and symbolism throughout the film.

Sessions can last 2-4 weeks – or with a full length film like “Les Mis” the session can encompass several months. All participants are invited to collect and share with the group relevant articles, books, and videos that they feel will add to the discussion.